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Embarking on a journey to become addiction free with This Naked Mind has been one of the most transformative and enlightening experiences of Roberta’s life. From her early teenage years, alcohol was a symbol of rebellion and fun. It represented a naughty escape, an act of defiance that made her feel exhilaratingly rebellious. This thrill, however, was the beginning of a long and complex relationship with alcohol that would shape much of her adult life.

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The Early Days: A Misguided Romance with Alcohol

Growing up, alcohol was always the center of attention. Working at a beverage wholesaler for over two decades, I was at the forefront of promoting alcohol consumption. Our goal was simple: make drinking appear as glamorous and appealing as possible. The darker side of alcohol, the destruction of lives and families, was never addressed. My role at a bar for 12 years only deepened my entanglement with alcohol, even as I witnessed its negative impacts firsthand. Despite this, I prided myself on being the life of the party, ignoring the warning signs that were slowly creeping into my life.

Questioning the Path: The Turning Point

It wasn’t until witnessing my sister’s battle with meth addiction that I began to question my own drinking habits. The stark contrast between how society viewed our addictions – mine socially accepted and hers vilified – forced me to reflect on my choices. Despite numerous “battle wounds” from drinking, including countless instances of throwing up, I remained in denial about my problem. It took a harrowing experience on a trip to Lake Havasu, where I endangered my life while under the influence, to truly awaken me to the dangers of my lifestyle.

Addiction Free with This Naked Mind

The recommendation of This Naked Mind by a close friend was a pivotal moment for me. Annie Grace’s words resonated deeply, addressing all my fears and anxieties around quitting alcohol. Her programs, including The Alcohol Experiment and The PATH, equipped me with the tools and understanding needed to finally break free from alcohol’s grasp. Now, 424 days alcohol-free, my life has undergone a profound transformation.

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A New Dawn: Addiction Free with This Naked Mind

The changes in my life since becoming addiction free are monumental. No longer am I rushing through my days, eager for the moment I can lose myself in drink. Every moment is now lived fully, with a newfound ability to manage emotions without the crutch of alcohol. My husband’s decision to quit drinking shortly after me has only multiplied the positive changes in our family life. We are truly living our best lives, embracing joy and connection in ways we never thought possible.

To My Old Self: A Message of Hope

brunette on sand with arms out open wide - addiction free with This Naked Mind - be not afraid for you were born to fly

If I could speak to my former self, my message would be simple: “Be not afraid for you were born to fly.” The fear of losing friends, facing life’s challenges unaided by alcohol, and confronting the unknown was daunting. Yet, the freedom and joy found on the other side of addiction are beyond what I could have imagined.

Looking forward, I am excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Living addiction free with This Naked Mind has not only liberated me from the chains of alcohol but has also opened my eyes to the beauty of life unfiltered by substance. My journey is a testament to the power of transformation and the hope that it is never too late to change the course of your life.

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