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Can you really go alcohol free at 82? Barbara says This Naked Mind gave her a new lease on life after 65 years of drinking!
new lease on life

New Lease On Life

I cannot thank you enough for your two books which have absolutely given me “a new lease on life.” Casually picking up This Naked Mind, I found myself immediately drawn to your writing and the way you found a means to stop drinking. Your methods prompted me to buy The Alcohol Experiment which I continued to keep on my desk and contemplate trying. I finally gave it a try. Two weeks ago I finished 30 days without a drink, all the while looking forward to reading your suggestions every day. I have decided that I cannot go back to moderate drinking and am continuing to find new nonalcoholic beverages to enjoy.

No Going Back

In fact, when my husband and I go out to eat I now always ask the server if the bartender makes any “mocktails” as some people have dubbed a nonalcoholic beverage. Last Saturday at a local restaurant I asked this question and at first the server said that the restaurant did not have any such beverages on their menu. As he began to walk away, he turned and said, “You know, I think he has made the Blueberry Smash without rum.” I ordered it and it was absolutely delicious. I have purchased the ingredients to make one at home and will be trying it soon.

A Long Life With Alcohol

My romance with alcohol began about 65 years ago, in high school actually. I had a wonderful childhood with loving parents. Although there was always alcohol in our home, my parent only imbibed on special occasions. I, on the other hand, found drinking great fun beginning with beer offered by older friends. I wasn’t the most well behaved child in those years. Partying quickly became a part of my life continuing on into college and young adulthood. I slowly graduated from beer to spirits when a young friend met me one afternoon as I was walking to my apartment after a long day of high school teaching and handed me a drink. He said you have to try it. “It’s scotch and water and you will love it.”

Something to Look Forward To

I really didn’t love it at that point but I certainly didn’t want to disappoint the handsome guy who gave it to me. Over the years drinking was always something I looked forward to, not so much at home but ALWAYS when my first husband and I were out somewhere. Since he was not a drinker he did not really approve of my partying and it eventually played a part in our divorce.

Balancing Act

Being a single mother of three wonderful children did not slow me down as I always managed to be both a working mother and a decent parent. At one point during those years I joined a weight loss program and quit drinking altogether for over a year. Still, the enjoyment of watching a lovely cocktail being poured by a smiling bartender was so tempting that I began drinking again, this time the “dirty” martini in a beautiful chilled glass with two olives. That was my “go to” cocktail and I enjoyed every sip!! My lovely second husband was not much of a drinker, either, but he continued to tolerate my cocktails, especially at five o’clock as we would sit down to share our day.

Needing A New Lease On Life

This past fall I suddenly began to feel that the alcohol was really beginning to affect my health. I was often shaky in the mornings and could not remember everything I said the night before. I was still functioning but I just did not feel good. The wine I had switched to did not even taste very good in the evening. Your book caught my eye at that point and I cannot tell you how fabulous I feel now.

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Living Again

All I have to do when I think about having a cocktail is remember how bad I will feel afterwards. That’s more than enough to make a nonalcoholic beverage sound both refreshing and enjoyable.

At 82 I am not only alcohol free but taking Pilates and losing weight again. I am excited about working in my garden and sharing outings with my husband and family. Thank you again and again!!

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