99 Ways To Enjoy The Holidays Alcohol Free

So many people wonder if you can truly enjoy the holidays alcohol free. Yes, you can! But it can be hard to think of ways to spend the season when you’re accustomed to having a drink in your hand to get through it. Here are 99 surefire ways to enjoy the holidays alcohol free.


Outdoor Ways To Enjoy The Holidays Alcohol Free

The fresh air and a clear mind can make outdoor activities so much fun! In fact, being outside can even alleviate stress and anxiety. So –

99. Go ice skating
98. Try surfing
97. Take a hike and gather supplies for ornaments
96. Learn to ski or snowboard
95. Go sledding
94. Take a fishing trip
93. Spend some time star gazing
92. Build a snowman (or a sandcastle if you’re in the southern hemisphere!)
91. Head to a tree farm or the woods and cut down a tree
90. Decorate someone’s house for them!

Crafty Ways To Enjoy The Holidays Alcohol Free

Keep your mind and hands busy by crafting during this season. With this in mind, why don’t you –

89. Make a wreath using the supplies you gathered on your hike
88. Create a holiday centerpiece
87. Make keepsake ornaments.
86. Make your own wood photo prints using mod podge.
85. Learn to knit or crochet
84. Make a T-shirt quilt.
83. Create a no-sew blanket
82. Design some custom mugs with oil based sharpies
81. Take a painting class
80. Try wood burning

Tasty Ways To Enjoy The Holidays Alcohol Free

The holidays aren’t the same without flavor. As a result, you should add some of your own to the season.

79. Bake cookies
78. Give the gift of meals. Prepare freezer meals for loved ones.
77. Make a pizza wreath
76. Hot Chocolate Bar
75. Take a culinary trip around the world from home
74. Take a cooking class
73. Try a new restaurant
72. Hold a potluck with friends
71. Create mocktails
70. Host your own Chopped Holiday Challenge or Ultimate Bake Off

Simple Ways To Enjoy The Holidays Alcohol Free

With all the fuss and stress that the holidays bring sometimes the best way to enjoy the holidays alcohol free is to go back to basics. For example, you can –

69. Take a bath with some peppermint scented bath salts
68. Stay home with a good book (Obviously, I suggest This Naked Mind or The Alcohol Experiment!)
67. Have a holiday movie marathon
66. Make some old-fashioned popcorn garland
65. Drive around to look at Christmas lights
64. Go caroling
63. Create your own holiday cards
62. Hold an ornament exchange
61. Attend a Holiday concert
60. Make snow angels

Practical Ways To Enjoy The Holidays

Being prepared can go a long way to enjoying the holidays without booze. As a result, plan to –

59. Set a budget and stick to it
58. Shop online
57. Decorate simply
56. Keep a running to-do list to stay on track
55. Don’t over schedule or over-commit
54. Be sure to plan ahead and not wait until the last minute. After all wrapping presents on Christmas Eve is a drag!
53. Don’t compare your holiday to anyone else’s
52. Make time for yourself
51. Next declutter so you’re not overwhelmed after the holidays
50. Avoid drama (A great tip is to let others talk about themselves!)

Enjoy The Holidays By Helping Others

Without a doubt a great way to enjoy the holidays is by helping those who are less fortunate.

49. Purchase toys for kids
48. Donate to a food bank
47. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
46. Decorate a nursing home
45. Adopt a family
44. Create and distribute blessing bags for the homeless
43. Visit a VA hospital
42. Volunteer at a pet shelter
41. Practice random acts of kindness
40. Befriend a neighbor

Enjoy More By Doing Less

The minimalist movement can spread to the holidays. Minimalism is shown to decrease anxiety. Therefore, you should –

39. Instead of physical gifts, ask for gift cards or gift certificates
38. Donate your unused or unwanted items
37. Use your vacation time and spend time relaxing
36. Clear out your mailboxes – both in real life and online
35. Take a hiatus from social media
34. Give the gift of your presence

Fun Ways To Enjoy The Holidays

Next you can rekindle your love of the holidays by –

33. Having a snowball fight
32. Watching an outdoor movie
31. Attending a tree lighting
30. Decorating Christmas Cookies
29. Giving hugs
28. Making candy
27. Give out candy canes and kind notes
26. Buy someone a coffee
25. Watch kids meeting Santa
24. Play hooky from work and stay in your jammies all day
23. Make time for friends
22. Give a gift to someone you don’t particularly like

Tips to Enjoy The Holidays Alcohol-Free

Ideas are great, but sometimes we need practical tips to enjoy the holidays alcohol-free. In this case try these tips –

21. Start with HALT – make sure you’re not hungry, angry, lonely or tired when a craving or urge hits
20. Stay hydrated – make sure you have a drink in hand so you’re less likely to indulge or be offered a drink
19. Plan ahead – know what you’re ordering at dinner or what time you’re leaving a party
18. Avoidance is ok. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something – don’t.
17. Find a friend. Support makes being alcohol free much easier. Make sure you have a shoulder to rely on.
16. No explanations. You don’t need to justify why you choose not to drink.
15. Be mindful. Pay attention to why you’re feeling motivated to drink.
14. Wait it out. If you’re considering a drink wait 30 minutes and see if the urge has passed.
13. Remember your why’s. Keep a list of 3 reasons you’re not drinking somewhere visible to you. Use it to remind yourself of your why’s.
12. Have an escape plan. You have the power to leave whenever and for whatever reason you want to.

A Few More Ways To Enjoy The Holidays

If you’re still not convinced…you can –

11. Jam out to holiday music
10. Have an ugly Christmas sweater party
9. Don a Santa hat, reindeer headband or a Rudolph nose
8. Light a scented candle
7. Create a photo book or collage of your favorite holiday pictures.
6. Make an Elf Yourself video
5. Catch up on some SNL holiday skits
4. Have a peppermint mocha
3. Make a list of your favorite holiday memories
2. Read a classic Holiday story

Lastly –

1. Above all else, create a tradition that is meaningful and enjoyable to you.