#71 Should I Quit Over Drinking ? This Naked Mind with Annie Grace

Pleasance takes us through her decision to quit over drinking after reading This Naked Mind and engages Annie with questions and discussion surrounding the spectrum of drinking – and quitting.

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It’s Personal

Pleasance was understandably nervous because this is such a personal topic but it was time to have a conversation. We found ourselves rescheduling so much that Pleasance had much more of sobriety to talk about.

Time To Quit Over Drinking

Now I have more experiences to ask your wisdom about and also, I have been talking about my decision to stop drinking for the past few months but never specifically a whole podcast episode dedicated to it. So people have been coming up to me whispering and asking, emailing quietly, “I’m thinking of … I think I want to stop drinking, I’m scared”. Then I’ll get, don’t tell me to stop, just responses and all I’m doing all is sharing what my experience has been. I’ve been writing about how it has impacted my marriage and my relationship and that’s been really interesting to see how people write to me about what I’ve shared and the fear associated with it.

Scared To Quit Over Drinking

When I quit in July, I ordered your book the day I got home. It was July 1st and I had seen your book and hid from it. Then, in August … in July, when I was home and I was reading it – This Naked Mind, Control Alcohol, Find Freedom Discover Happiness and Change Your Life. I didn’t want to read it in public because I was afraid that people would think that I was an alcoholic.

Thinking It Might Be Time To Quit Over Drinking?

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