It can feel like every social event revolves around alcohol. So what if you no longer drink or just don’t feel like drinking this weekend? Here’s 50 ideas for bonding without beer.
bonding without beer

Fun Ideas for Bonding Without Beer

Most of us now know that it’s not the alcohol that makes us have fun.  Here’s some fun ideas for bonding without beer-

50. Take an improv or comedy class together
49. Take a road trip
48. Have a tournament – volleyball, wiffle ball, etc
47. Check out an escape room
46. Try a ropes course
45. Go rock climbing
44. Try a photo scavenger hunt
43. Hit the arcade
42. Try laser tag
41. Go to the movies
40. A froyo bar

Helpful Ideas For Bonding Without Beer

The greatest way to bond is by doing good for others!

39. Build a house together – see if Habitat For Humanity can use your help!
38. Build a Little Free Library – You might include This Naked Mind or The Alcohol Experiment!

37. Volunteer at the animal shelter
36. Help at the Boys And Girls Club
35. Create bags to hand out to homeless people
34. Go play board games at a nursing home
33. Serve at a soup kitchen
32. Coach a sports team together
31. Adopt a road
30. Visit a children’s hospital together

Unique Ideas for Bonding Without Beer

When is the last time you –

29) supported a local musician?
28) saw a play?
27) listened to a speaker at the local university?
26) had a picnic?
25) ate cotton candy?
24) visited a museum?
23) went to paint night?
22) rode a ferris wheel?
21) met an author?
20) tried a new sport?

Cultural Ideas for Bonding Without Beer

There’s a whole world out there to explore. Try learning more about it with friends by –

19) visiting a tea house and sampling teas
18) pick a different country each week and visit restaurants serving their cuisine
17) visit World Market or an Ethnic Supermarket and try sodas from around the world
16) Take a dance class to learn traditional dances from Spain, Ireland or somewhere else
15) Learn to play an instrument like a didgeridoo
14) Practice Tai Chi
13) Karaoke…in a foreign language
12) learn a sport native to another country
11) take a class and learn how to weave a basket, whittle, etc

More Ideas for Bonding Without Beer

Sometimes the best ways to bond aren’t elaborate or unique, they are tried and true instead.

10) Host a board game night
9)  Put together a puzzle
8) Bake cookies together (or just eat the cookie dough)
7) Have a picnic
6) Find a groupon deal
5) Go rollerskating
4) Rotate houses and declutter, clean or fix things
3) start a book club
2) go on a bike ride

The Best Bonding

1) The best way to bond without beer is to throw some logs in the fire pit, pull up some chairs and just start talking. Being together and sharing your presence is all that is needed to bond.