5 Things You Can Change Right Now

Life can seem so out of control sometimes. We are in control of way more than we realize though. Here are 5 things you can change right now.

Change Your Level Of Happiness

Changing your level of happiness can be as simple as removing the things that make you unhappy. Bad habits, too many commitments, toxic relationships. We hold on to so many things that bring down our ability to achieve happiness. Letting go can help us change our level of happiness.

Change Your Relationships

Personal, professional, romantic, platonic – changing a relationship begins with us. Changing a relationship does not always mean improving it.

Some relationships just don’t need to be improved – they need to be ended. That is something you can change right now. If you’re seeking to improve a relationship that can also often happen in an instant with small changes. The biggest way you change a relationship right now for the better is by listening. Talk less and listen more. Simple but so effective!

Change Your Finances

You can change right now by changing your finances. I like to practice spend nothing days or even weeks; I literally plan to spend nothing at  all. It adds up quickly and it also makes you mindful of how much money we tend to spend without even thinking about it.

Eliminating unhealthy habits – like eating out, smoking, or drinking – can also help you to change your finances right now.

Change Your Drinking

You can change how much you are drinking right now. Join us in The Alcohol Experiment. You’ll take a 30 day break from alcohol and in the process you can see in how many ways your life will change. From better relationships to more money to better health – changing your drinking will change your life.

Read About It

Want to know more about how life changes when you stop drinking? You can start reading This Naked Mind for free today to learn more!

Change Your Stress Level

If you feel like you might explode if something doesn’t change right now. Take a deep breath. Literally. You can change your stress level through some deep breathing, meditation and mindfulness. Often that temporary breather will give you the clarity you need to not only calm down but to also see a solution to the very issue that is causing your stress.

Change Right Now

There are so many things in our life that we can change right now. Take a moment and see what changes you’d like to see and how to make those happen. From going to bed earlier to making smarter food and drink choices – small changes right now can lead to lasting changes down the road.