Five podcasts celebrating sobriety for Sober October

Whether you’re ditching the booze for the month, are tee-total long-term, or simply sober curious, these five podcasts are celebrating sobriety.

Check out these podcasts celebrating sobriety –

5 podcasts celebrating sobriety for Sober October

Annie Grace – author, podcaster, and creator of ‘The Alcohol Experiment’ (a 30-day alcohol-free challenge) – hosts this podcast. It has a variety of episode formats. Questions from readers of Annie’s books, personal stories from people who have changed their drinking habits, and interviews with experts on the effects of alcohol. It’s worth scrolling through the back catalogue to find answers to more commonly asked questions from the newly sober curious.

Ep 306: Reader Question – How can I live without ‘The Alcohol Buzz?’

It’s often the accessible scientific explanations that make this podcast so interesting. That’s certainly the case for this episode in which Annie answers the question how can I live without the ‘alcohol buzz’? She explores how our brains react to alcohol. Allowing us to understand what the buzz is and the consequences that occur from it. Listen now >>

5 podcasts celebrating sobriety for Sober October

Janey Lee Grace is a BBC Radio 2 presenter, author, and well-being advocate. She quit drinking during ‘Dry January’ 2018. Janey decided to continue her alcohol-free life for good. This interview-based podcast is relevant and though-provoking. Lots of the episodes cover mental health issues and the role alcohol can play in these.

103: With Meg Matthews – Alcohol v Menopause

This episode with Meg Matthews on alcohol nearly wasn’t released. Janey worried it wouldn’t have a wide enough appeal. Fortunately, she was persuaded to put the episode out as it’s precisely the lack of information available on the subject that makes it such a necessary conversation to have. Listen now >>

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