5 Killer Tips for Avoiding Alcohol and Loving Life

It can often seem like there are only two options when it comes to drinking alcohol – drink and feel part of the crowd or turn it done and feel like an outcast. It doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve pulled together our best tips for avoiding alcohol while still loving life. Turning down a drink doesn’t have to come with a sense of deprivation. In fact, it can come with a sense of elation – if you’ve already got that This Naked Mind mindset engaged. We’re going to show you to start living Naked and love it!

tips for avoiding alcohol

Tip #1: Your Choice, Your Reasons

One of the biggest reasons we come across for feeling deprived or left out when it comes to not drinking is when someone is doing it for the wrong reasons. If you’re not drinking due to shame, blame, guilt, or ultimatums, you’re already living in a negative mindset. It’s hard to feel good about a choice when it really isn’t what you want to be doing. Other factors can certainly influence our choice to avoid alcohol but we need to ultimately make the choice for ourselves and do it for the reasons that are important to us. Knowing why we’re avoiding alcohol and our motivation means that we’re loving life without it because we’re creating the life we want by not drinking.

Tip #2: Choose Wisely

This next tip can often be a challenging one to come to terms with. Avoiding alcohol might not be why you’re not loving life. It could be that the life you were living with alcohol wasn’t the right life for you to begin with. Alcohol doesn’t make people, places, activities, or anything really more enjoyable. It can’t because it is a numbing agent. It slows us down, dumbs us down, and makes it harder for us to feel pleasure. So when it comes to our tips for avoiding alcohol, if you find the people you used to socialize with and the things you used to do are no longer enjoyable without alcohol – they weren’t enjoyable with it either! You were just too numb to notice.

What an awesome opportunity you have now. You get to surround yourself with the people and the activities you truly enjoy. You’re going to be loving life in every moment because your life is made up of the things that bring you pleasure. How amazing is that?

Tip# 3: Don’t Overthink It

Adopting a Naked Mind means to ditch the expectations and embrace curiosity instead. No preconceived notions. No setting ourselves up to hate the night before it even gets started or to expect it to be the best night ever only to have it fall short. Don’t expect anything. Just allow yourself to be present. Observe your feelings, your thoughts, and everything occurring around you. Allow yourself to experience everything and create beliefs based on experiences rather than expectations. Expectations never live up to reality.

More Tips for Avoiding Alcohol

Have we piqued your curiosity with these tips for avoiding alcohol? Are you ready to give taking a break from booze a shot? (Pun intended!) Download our Six Best Tips For Taking A Break From Booze here!

Tip #4: Play It Forward

This tip for avoiding alcohol is going to seem counterproductive to Tip #3 but bear with us. If you’re going out and are afraid of certain scenarios that might pop up – play it forward. Let the scene play out in your mind and visualize how you’d like to respond while still avoiding alcohol. How is that different than creating expectations? In this case, we’re not saying something will happen or even attaching any feelings to it. You can liken playing it forward to planning for a camping trip. You’re simply putting the pieces in place to be prepared. We pack a rain fly in case it might rain but we hope we won’t need to use it. The same logic applies here – preparing is not the same as expecting.

Tip #5: Stop The Clock

This last tip for avoiding alcohol is one that has worked well for me. It may actually be what has kept me avoiding alcohol for all these years now. I have no timeline on how long I’m not drinking for. I know that I can drink whenever I want to. I just don’t have any desire to drink. I have yet to come across a situation where I feel like alcohol would benefit me in any way. Knowing that I am in charge of my relationship with alcohol and that I haven’t put it off-limits or made it a forbidden fruit means that alcohol is less appealing. It’s not that I can’t drink. I just don’t want to. That change in mindset, the removal of limitations, has made not drinking effortless and enjoyable.

Advice for Every Situation Where You’re Avoiding Alcohol

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