The science behind the practice of gratitude is just amazing. Research shows practicing gratitude can improve general well-being, increase resilience, strengthen social relationships, and reduce stress and depression. The more grateful you are, the greater your overall well-being and life satisfaction. Most importantly for those of us overcoming addiction – grateful people have a greater capacity for joy and positive emotions. What we struggle with is finding ways to practice gratitude after numbing our emotions for so long!


Ways To Practice Gratitude In Writing

The written word has incredible strength and can elicit such joy when a warm message comes across in it!

49. Keep a gratitude journal
48. Send a text message to someone
47. Write a letter
46. Leave a note on the mirror
45. Post-it Notes
44. Create a Wall of Thanks
43. Send an e-mail
42. On your bill at a restaurant
41. A Facebook, Instagram or Twitter post
40. Write a review online

Practice Gratitude By Helping

The great thing about expressing gratitude by helping, is that the giver gets just as much from it as the recipient!

39. Volunteer for an organization
38. Make a monetary donation
37. Organize a supply drive
36. Cook a meal for a Ronald McDonald House or similar organization
35. Donate clothing, toys or household items to an organization that has helped you
34. Donate Paid Time Off to a co-worker

Ways To Practice Gratitude For Others

Show your appreciation for others in these simple ways –

33. Take a friend to lunch
32. Call and just say I love you
31. Make time for friends and family
30. Get down on the floor and play with a child
29. Give a hug
28. A kind smile
27. Say Thank You
26. Buy someone a coffee
25. Host a gratitude party
24. Light a candle for someone
23. Lend a sympathetic ear and let a friend know they are supported
22. Do something unexpected – send flowers, drop off dinner, or a book you love!

One of the ways to practice gratitude is by sharing This Naked Mind with others!

Gratitude For The World Around You

A blue sky, a rainbow or fresh snowfall – the world around us is often what centers us the most.

21. Plant a tree
20. Take a walk outside and breathe in the stillness and peace around you
19. Participate in a river or ocean clean-up
18. Meditate in the warm sunshine
17. Hug your dog or cat
16. Stop and literally smell the flowers
15. Do something for whatever brings you joy – install a bird feeder, plant a butterfly garden, etc.

Ways To Practice Gratitude That Promote Positivity

Gratitude is often about what we keep out, not just what we’re taking in!

14. Be aware of negative thoughts and try to replace them with positive thoughts
13. Don’t promote negativity – avoid gossip or other harmful behaviors
12. Watch positive or inspiring videos
11. Listen to a podcast that motivates you
10. Make a gratitude collage
9.  Create art that inspires positivity

Ways To Practice Gratitude For Yourself

If you’re expressing gratitude you must also recognize and appreciate yourself in this equation!

8. Notice what is going right in your life
7. Celebrate your accomplishments
6. Meditate or pray
5. Exercise and pause to marvel at what your body can do for you
4. Realize your cup is half full and that it’s water in there – not booze
3. Pause, listen to music, and allow the good feelings to run through
2. Allow yourself to just be you and appreciate that that is enough

And finally

1. Do what fulfills you and practice gratitude in whatever way feels right to you. There is no right or wrong ways to practice gratitude.