4 Best Spirit-Free Beverages To Try For Sober October

We don’t personally use the term “Sober October” at This Naked Mind because we feel like life without alcohol is so much greater than just being sober. We are always supportive of taking a break from alcohol and reevaluating your relationship with it – no matter what your motivation is. That said – the world doesn’t stop spinning just because you’re not drinking. Here are our 4 best spirit-free beverages to try for Sober October!

spirit-free beverages for Sober October

4 Spirit-Free Beverage Recipes For Sober October

Cider Sparkler

spirit-free beverages for Sober October

Here in the US, Fall is making its appearance across most of the nation. Cooling temperatures make us crave a drink that can warm us up. Our Cider Sparkler does that by combining Apple Cider with Ginger Beer for a kick and some bubbles that bring the heat while staying spirit-free!


8 oz alcohol-free beer or Hop water

8 oz non-alcoholic apple cider

8 oz ginger beer or ginger-ale

1 apple, 1 orange, and 1 pear sliced

a handful of pomegranate seeds


Combine the alcohol-free beer, apple cider, and ginger beer in a pitcher. Add the fruit slices and pomegranate seeds. Stir to combine.

Serve in a tall glass. Garnish with cinnamon sticks if desired.

Cold Brew Julep

spirit-free beverages for Sober October

It’s no secret that most of us here at This Naked Mind are BIG fans of coffee! That love of coffee spills over into this tasty spirit-free beverage for Sober October. Our favorite thing about this recipe is that you can customize it to make it your own in so many ways! Turn the sweetness up or down, add additional flavors, it’s really easy to get fun and creative with this one!


6 oz Cold Brew Coffee

2-8 sprigs of mint leaves

2 oz agave nectar


Optional ingredients – heavy cream, chocolate syrup, vanilla syrup, etc


Using a shaker (or a jar with a lid), shake the cold brew coffee, agave nectar, mint, and any optional ingredients together with ice. Strain into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with additional mint.

Pear Ginger Beer

spirit-free beverages for Sober October

Ginger beer is one of those drinks that’s already pretty amazing and tasty on its own. We’ve managed to find a way to make it even better in this spirit-free beverage for Sober October. Pears compliment ginger magnificently well and bring out the best of its flavors. Don’t be afraid to play with drink some more and make it your own. Swap out kombucha for the ginger beer. Add additional fruit or spices. You’re the mixologist here so have fun with it!


6 oz Ginger Beer (chilled)

2 oz Pear Nectar (chilled)

Splash of apple cider vinegar

Pear slices

Cinnamon Sticks


Add ginger beer, pear nectar, and apple cider vinegar to a tall glass. Mix well. Add pear slices and garnish with a cinnamon stick.

Citrus Fizz

spirit-free beverages for Sober October

Not going to lie – sometimes we just want our drinks to be fun! This Citrus Fizz delivers on that! Mimicking the qualities of drinks like a gin fizz or a Ramos gin fizz – it’s layered and bubbly but still spirit free. Once you’ve mastered this drink – get creative and try muddling berries and other fruits or swapping out juices like pineapple for the lime to create new variations on this beverage.

0.25 oz orange juice

0.25 oz lemon juice

0.25 oz mango nectar

2 tablespoons lime juice

1 teaspoon grenadine or cocktail cherry juice

1 small  egg

2 tablespoons citrus sparkling water

Orange slices for garnish



Place a glass in the freezer.

In a cocktail shaker or lidded jar without ice, combine the juices, grenadine, and egg.

Dry shake (shake without ice) to break up the egg and mix the ingredients.

Fill the shaker with ice and shake continuously for about 30 seconds.

Strain into your chilled glass and top with the citrus sparkling water.

Stir to combine and garnish with orange slices.

Don’t just settle for spirit-free beverages in October!

Are you thinking beyond just Sober October? Could you use additional tips on taking a break from alcohol? Download our free e-book – 6 Best Tips For Taking A Break From Booze. Click here to get your copy!

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More Spirit-Free Beverages

If you need more spirit-free beverages or you’re wondering if NA drinks are even ok to indulge in – we’ve got you covered!

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