The Alcohol Experiment brought Maggie Anne something she didn’t think was possible – 365 days alcohol free.
365 days alcohol free

My Story

I promised myself a year ago, on December 29, 2018, that if I made it through this year, I would write you and tell you about it. Well, I made it. Today marks 365 days of living completely alcohol free. My story is not an unusual one, I’ve seen or heard others who have wandered a similar path. Some far darker than mine.

Regardless, after I started drinking wine in my early 40’s (didn’t drink before then) I quickly accelerated to a bottle a night, occasionally more, every night. For something like 15 years. I couldn’t string together more than a week of not drinking until I participated in your first on-line Alcohol Experiment in September 2017. That experiment gave me over 125 days of alcohol freedom. I then tried moderated drinking over the next year. On the positive side I probably drank 50% less than I used to during that year, and I had many days of not drinking. I could not put together another 30 days until I pushed the button and signed up for your first Live Alcohol Experiment on Facebook.

Anti Social Media

Now to be totally frank, I am a massively private person, a real introvert, and I HATE being marketed to. I also suffer from a feeling of great intolerance for people who stay stuck in their stuff by blaming all of the things out there for their continued persistence in behaviors they don’t want to have. So most of the time Facebook groups or on-line communities are not my favorite place to spend my time. But I had to be willing to be accountable to someone, I agreed to myself that I did not have to read any posts that bothered me, and I knew the live FB sessions with you and Scott would be valuable.

Ready for 365 Days Alcohol Free

Somewhere along the way I decided I just didn’t want to drink any more, and that moderation would not work for me. At least not now. I set out to make it a year, using all of the new awareness I had about how our brain chemistry works, totally geeking out on neuroplasticity, and drawing so many parallels between unlearning things that no longer serve me as it relates to alcohol to so many other areas in the rest of my life.

There is a lot more to my story, and I would be happy to share it with you, but for now, I just wanted to follow through with my commitment to thank you. So Thank You!! Thank you for being one of my teachers.

Here comes 2020

A brand new decade, and I am entering it clear eyed, clear headed, strong and resilient. I have photos that were taken one year apart. Both in my kitchen over the extended holiday winter break, both of them show me as I am in my “real life,” after a long day in the horse barns caring for the inhabitants on our farm. These aren’t glamour shots. I am not magically thinner, I didn’t win the lottery. But I like the strength in my face and eyes today. I like the expression of confidence, way better than the vacant look in the photo from 2018. I have looked at that old photo a lot on days that bring me challenges so that I can remember how much better everything really is now, even if life is hard at that moment.

365 days alcohol free. I do not have to wake up in the minus column every day anymore, working so hard to get back to the plus column, only to drink in the evening and wake up back on the negative side. The worst kind of Groundhog Day … but no more.

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Share Your Story

Now every day is its own beginning and its own story. I salute you and the work you have been called to do. It matters. If you have a story like Maggie Anne’s, please share your stories so you can help others!