3 Things we Need to Understand about our Emotions—& How it can Change our Lives

Learning to understand our emotions can actually allow us to change how they make us feel and how we feel about them. Read on to discover just what I mean.

2022 is here.

Many of us started this year thinking about how we were going to make 2022 different. Thinking about the actions to take and the tangible things to do that we believe are what we need to make things different.

I’m going to propose something radically different. I don’t think you need to take action at all. In fact, I don’t think it’s what you’re physically doing that needs to change to make 2022 different. I believe it all needs to start with how you feel about what you’re doing.

You see, although this year has barely started, many of us may already feel like failures. We are looking at the calendar and thinking, I set these resolutions and I couldn’t even make it a few weeks with them. We’ve built up all these emotions around our perceived failures and those emotions can almost paralyze us from moving forward. We are desperate for change yet our feelings and emotions keep us stuck.

The Need To Understand Our Emotions

We tend to think of our emotions as just a singular thing. Maybe, we feel hungry. We feel anxious. We feel happy! We’re frightened! And to us, that sums up the emotion.

What we fail to realize is that our emotions have layers to them. And these layers don’t exist independently of each other. They are interwoven and as complex as each and every one of us is. We need to understand our emotions and the layers to them.

Emotions have three layers to them. We have affect, meaning, and judgment. Alone, none of these layers holds incredible power. But when we put them together and combine them everything changes.

Affect is the actual physical feeling. It is the sensation we experience that we have named. We all know what hunger or tiredness feels like. Affect by itself is pretty benign. It isn’t what causes us to dread feelings like anxiety or discontent. In fact, in many cases, the affect is an enjoyable thing.

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