We all look to a new year as an opportunity for a fresh start. It’s our chance to begin again and erase the mistakes or bad luck of the prior year. For many of us, that also means finally gaining control of our unhealthy relationship with alcohol. You can start 2019 alcohol free and stay alcohol free.


Start 2019 Alcohol Free

The single most important factor in starting 2019 alcohol free is to be committed. You can’t approach with the mindset that you’re trying to stop drinking or that you’d like to. That mentally gives you an out and wiggle room. You’ve already given your mind negotiation room. To make 2019 alcohol free, you need to make a firm commitment to yourself. Write a contract to yourself and sign it. Do what it takes to make the mental shift from drinker to alcohol free.

Why Are You Doing It?

Grab a journal and write down all of the reasons you are doing this. What do you never want to feel again? What are you looking to gain?  There is incredible power in writing something down. What do you want this experience to bring you? Furthermore, writing your thoughts down also gives you a chance to process the emotions you’ve been dealing with. If you feel your commitment being questioned, refer back to your list and add any wisdom you might have gained along the way.

Change Is A Good Thing

We tend to associate change with fear, but change is a good thing. You aren’t sacrificing anything by making 2019 alcohol free. Banish that association from your mind. You are changing unhealthy behaviors. You’re repairing broken relationships. You’re learning how to deal with emotions and stress in a healthy way. There is absolutely nothing negative about any of this.

Don’t Do It Alone

Keep 2019 alcohol free with support. Find friends that will support you or even not drink with you. As I tell Essential Kids – joining The Alcohol Experiment can help you. Educate and empower yourself by reading books like This Naked Mind.

Get A Life

It sounds harsh, but create a life for yourself that does not revolve around alcohol. When I stopped drinking, I suddenly discovered I had all this extra time on my hands and it was initially hard to fill it. Now – I wonder how I had time to drink. I have a stack of books by my bed that I *might* get through in 2019. I keep advancing at tae kwon do. I’m able to volunteer with my kids’ schools. I wrote two books. The list goes on and on. How did I ever find time to drink before and what did I do back then?

Don’t Look Back

There is nothing in the drinking rear view mirror for you to see. Could you lose friends by not drinking? Possibly – but did you really have a friendship if your only common bond was alcohol? Will life look different alcohol free? Definitely! But it’s in all the best ways possible. It sounds so cliche, but it is undeniably true – being present is truly the best present and being alcohol free delivers that.

Happy New Year friends! May 2019 bring all your dreams to fruition!