Michael wondered if you can still have a life if you’re 20-something and sober. With This Naked Mind, he discovered he could live his best life while alcohol free.
20 something and sober

My Story

I’m a 28-year-old guy living in Southern California. I grew up in a nice area and played sports my whole life. Sports kept me away from the booze until my senior year of high school. Two major things happened that year.
1. My parents got divorced…
2. I got cut from the varsity soccer team (because the coach didn’t like me).


This led me down a path of experimenting with drugs (alcohol being the main drug, but also marijuana). I quickly became a weekend warrior – binge drinking through the night and doing all kinds of things – many things I’m not proud of, but have ultimately made me who I am today. I then moved to Santa Barbara for school (Top 10 in party schools in America). Those two years saw me drinking Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights every single weekend. (Experimenting with cocaine and other harder drugs. The harder drugs were ONLY done when I was first drinking. Alcohol=ultimate gateway drug).

Real Life

Fast forward to 2018 and I’m a Sales Engineer at a Cyber Security company. I have an amazing career, amazing friends, I’m close with family, and my life is really good on the surface (it is now getting better and better on the inside as I journey inward).

Party Hard

On the inside, I was still partying on the weekends….A LOT. Friday happy hour turned into the Newport Beach bars, which turned into a day drinking Saturday to get rid of the hangover and the next thing I know, it’s Sunday night and I spent $300-$400 on alcohol, Ubers, food, and I had to use a “work from home” day on Monday because I’m so sick.

Can’t Stop

I tried doing a “dry month” many times in 2018 and would always fail. I tried everything. Fucking everything. Writing out pros and cons, avoiding parties, turning my phone off. Nothing worked. My cognitive dissonance wore my willpower muscle to its bone and I’d cave in when the friends called me to go booze with them. I just couldn’t imagine being 20-something and sober.

Sober Curious

I started doing research because I didn’t like the idea of AA. Friends have ruined their lives going to AA seeking help. I was not that person. In fact, I even went to an AA meeting and it confirmed that it wasn’t for me.
– I’m NOT a victim
– I see alcohol for what it is, a poisonous drug, it has no power over me.
– I am not looking to simply survive, I am looking to THRIVE (nobody in AA seemed to be thriving. Shaky legs, Monster/Rockstar energy drinks, chain smoking cigarettes, they all were still addicted to other things – powerless. I didn’t like it).

20-Something and Sober

Then I found Annie Grace and This Naked Mind. I read the entire book and did the challenge (On day 21 as of 1/27/19). I’m active in the Facebook Group and I’ve done plenty of my own research.

I haven’t drank. I’ve lost 9 pounds. I feel and look amazing and my life has forever been changed. Seriously I’m so fucking happy right now. I feel like Bradly Cooper from Limitless (Also, Bradly Cooper doesn’t drink!!! I think day 7,8 had a list of celebrities who don’t drink. Super cool)

Start Reading

Wondering if you can be 20 something and sober? You can preview the book and learn how to! Start reading This Naked Mind today!

I’ve Learned

It is not cool to drink. You can still party and not drink (I’ve partied every single weekend this month, drinking mock tails and non-alcoholic beers. Not only are people supportive, but they start to envy me, asking me my secret, etc.). Being 20-something and sober is way more fun than being 20-something and sloppy.

Spreading The Word

I really want this movement to spread as fast as #metoo or #gunrights!!! I’ve been into personal development (meditation, journalism, blogging) for over 2 years and my BIGGEST joy in life is helping others. My goal in life is to help as many people as deeply as possible. If I impact even one person, somebody’s son/daughter – anybody – it would make me so happy. This is personal for me. My blog: https://medium.com/@michaelzampiglia

Share Your Story

Thank you again for all you do. It has changed my life and has shown me and many others that you don’t have to be a victim or powerless to alcohol.¬†Please share your story of being 20-something and sober!